Who are you?

My name is Jenny Bommert and I was born and raised in Leipzig, Germany. In 2009 I moved to the Dutch city of 's-Hertogenbosch to study illustration. After graduating in 2013 with a Bachelor of Design, I now work fulltime as an artist and illustrator. I live together with my boyfriend Philippe in the coastal province of Zealand (the Netherlands). 


What is Puss In Books Illustration?

Puss In Books Illustration is my small creative business, where creepy but also cute illustrations come to life. And of course most of the illustrations feature cats! The name Puss In Books is based on a cat who had the habit of laying down on my book every time I wanted to read. For some reason she preferred books for sleeping.


Do you have cats of your own?

At the moment I have one pussycat and one tomcat, called Beebiepoes and Claudius. Before that I had a tomcat named Moritz, who unfortunately passed away in 2016. He is my inspiration for of all black cat characters in my work. The main inspiration and also the beginning of all cat illustrations is Beebiepoes (Dutch for 'kitten'). You can find her in the most of my work. Claudius wants to be right next to me all the time, so he has his own spot in my art studio to sleep and cavort.


Where do you find your inspiration?

A huge inspiration I get from the life and behavior of my own cats. Other inspiration I pick up from my surroundings and the places I lived, like the folkloric costumes in Zealand, or Leipzig with the tenement houses from around 1900 and communist buildings from after the war. Furthermore I'm inspired by the gothic and metal subculture, horror stories from literature & films, folklore and fairytales, European nature, gothic architecture and death in all its facets. For a more visual insight into the world of my inspiration, please look at my Pinterest site.

What kind of art are you generally working on?

My main work consists cute cat illustrations in combination with a macabre, dark twist. My cat characters are confronted with scenes from memento mori & vanitas symbols or monsters like zombies and skeletons. Next to this a part of my work deals with the opposite: lovely things, like portraits of cats in folklore costumes or animals with big eyes like seals and bats.


What kind of materials do you use?

All illustrations are drawn by hand on paper. I use pencils, fineliners from Copic, Chinese ink and sometimes ecoline. Finished drawings are scanned in and colored digitally. After this they are made ready for printing. I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign and a Wacom Intus 5 drawing tablet.


Can I commission you for artwork?

Yes, please send my your custom commissions. Would you like your cat being pictured in my style, maybe with a folkore costume or some monsters? Then click on the next document, where you'll receive all information about illustration size options, drawing style and prices (Document following soon! So please contact me in the meantime via for your wishes).

Where can I buy your work?

My official shop is my Etsy Shop Puss in Books, where you can buy hand printed shirts, greeting cards, calendars, art prints and much more. You can also buy my original illustration work there. With Etsy I've found a platform where I can deliver my work worldwide, all shipped from the Netherlands. 

You can also acquire Puss In Books products & goodies from Society6 (shipped from the USA) and from Redbubble (shipped from listed countries). There you'll find iPhone-cases, cushions, wall clocks and bedding.


Where do you work?

I live in a rural village in Zealand, the Netherlands. My studio is at my house. It's a small studio, but functional with lots of opportunities for sleepy cats to find a cozy spot.


Do you give workshops?

On request you can attend a workshop hosted by me at my house in Kapelle, Zealand. I can host a group of up to four people. Up front I can guarantee that at least one cat will also be present. For ideas, wishes and further information, please send me an e-mail.


How can I contact you?

Do you have any questions or you would like to get in touch with me? Please don’t hesitate to contact me. More information you will find under the section 'Contact'.